Lingerie: everything you need to know about lingerie.

Immerse yourself in the seductive world of lingerie and sexy lingerie. Find out everything you always wanted to know about lingerie. Where does the term "lingerie" come from, when was lingerie invented? Here you will also find the link to our blog about lingerie as well as selected lingerie products and important links!

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Was ist Lingerie

What is lingerie?

Lingerie is clothing intended to sexually seduce men and make women feel erotic.

Lingerie refers to erotic stimulation, which overshadows the practical purpose of clothing.

In this respect, the term "stimulating lingerie" is usually translated into German

This is the difference to "underwear" in general. The term underwear is the generic term, but also includes items of clothing that cover the pubic area but fulfill a practical function.

Woher stammt der Begriff Lingerie

Where does the term lingerie come from?

The term lingerie derives from the French and comes from the French word "Lin" , which means "linen" in a completely unspectacular way. At that time, underwear was mainly made of linen.

In current usage, this is understood to mean women's underwear or lingerie and is similar in meaning to "lingerie".

Incidentally, the term lingerie does not even exist in French or English. Only the term "lingerie" is used there, but pronounced differently in each case

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Everything you need to know about lingerie

When was lingerie invented?

Lingerie or lingerie already existed in ancient times. For thousands of years, female underwear has been caught between a functional purpose and the sexual stimulation of the opposite sex. Over time, lingerie has continued to change. More on wikipedia.

What is the difference between lingerie and lingerie

Basically there is no difference between these terms. Both refer to lingerie that serves to bind or stimulate the man sexually. The term lingerie goes back to the French term "dessous", which means "underneath" or "underneath". In France, however, the term "lingerie" is not used.

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Do men get turned on by lingerie?

Lingerie tends to arouse the women who wear lingerie more than the men who are trying to seduce them. However, it has been statistically proven that women who wear lingerie regularly have more and better sex, but this is probably because they perceive themselves as more erotic.

Are bikinis considered lingerie?

There are bikinis (and also bathing suits) that are worn less for swimming, so that the function as swimwear takes a back seat and the eroticization and emphasizing of the feminine charms come to the fore.

In this case, bikinis and sexy bathing suits definitely belong to the category of lingerie as well as swimwear.

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Who runs lingerie

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